Our Programmes

Ngā Akoranga

At The Last Chance Project Charitable Trust, we're dedicated to nurturing mental health and wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand. Recognising that our journeys to mental wellbeing are unique, we've crafted bespoke programmes tailored to meet the needs of different demographics, spanning from young individuals to working professionals.

Explore each of our programmes to learn more about how we're making a difference in communities across Aotearoa New Zealand. Together, we can create a future where mental health is not a hidden subject but is addressed with empathy, understanding, and openness. Together, let's change the conversation about mental health.

    Let's Kōrero (For Workplaces) – Encouraging Open Conversations about Mental Health

    Inspired by the Māori phrase 'kōrero' meaning 'to converse or speak', our Let's Kōrero programme promotes impactful conversations about mental health within the workplace. Tailored for the business environment, Let's Kōrero offers engaging workshops designed to cultivate empathy, understanding, and resilience among employees, ultimately improving workplace productivity and morale.

    The Mental Health Apprenticeship

    We offer an extensive initiative, "The Mental Health Apprenticeship", which is designed specifically for young males aged 12 to the early 20s. Drawing on our broad experience in mental health advocacy, this initiative addresses the unique challenges faced by this demographic through a three-tiered approach:

    Let's Kōrero Programme: This mandatory programme raises mental health awareness in schools. It utilises storytelling, practical communication training, resilience-building, and self-compassion exercises.

    Whanaungatanga Programme: This is an optional, personalised support scheme. It aims at nurturing personal growth, academic engagement, and career aspirations for at-risk individuals, while promoting resilience and emotional intelligence.

    Manaakitanga Programme: These are optional workshops for teachers, students, and parents. They aim to create a comprehensive support network, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of our programme.

    The Back Track

    "The Back Track" programme is an innovative approach that caters to the varied needs of different workplaces. It leverages the experiences of the past to understand and build sustainable strategies for future mental health improvement. By breaking down the stigma associated with mental health in the workplace, it embeds the idea that consistent care and attention to mental health is crucial to a thriving professional environment.

    Through our programmes, we aspire to change lives, build healthier communities, and create a lasting impact. Together, let's transform mental health in Aotearoa New Zealand. Join us on this journey to better mental health.


    It has been wonderful to have Tai work with one of our students this term. He has been a consistent support person in his life, checking in and communicating with him - always clearly and effectively. Having someone else who is keeping him accountable has been powerful and a great support for the other adults in the child’s life. Knowing there are other people who have his back has been incredible. This particular child has shown more ability to pause, and reflect on his actions, as well as take feedback. Ultimately, it has been very helpful having The Last Chance Project work with us to support this young individual

    An Assistant Principal at an an Auckland primary and intermediate school